The Way to Handle Error 523

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Error 523 is a very common problem, no matter you are a visitor visiting one of your favorite websites or you are the owner of this website.

What is Error 523?

Error 523 is a kind of error that is related to network failure. The prompt information is the origin is unreachable, which means there is an access deny for users to connect to the server, so it’s not possible for them even to see the content of that server if they only scan from the browsers they use.   Error 523 occurs when Cloudflare cannot contact your origin server.

Things to Consider

There are a few directions you can consider to exclude the problem.

Is the DNS correct?

Check carefully is the DNS record is correct accordingly especially the A records, check the name and content carefully.

Do you have a certificate in your origin server?

If you are applying full mode of Cloudflare, you may not have a certificate in your origin server. As is known to all, cloudflare provides an sll certificate in the front end(browser end), it’s either a universal one(free shared one) or a dedicated one. In this circumstance, please make sure you have a certificate in your origin server, either you can apply a free one in Cloudflare and install manually in the hosting server or you can directly purchase third party ssl certificate to install on the hosting server. But please make sure you have it.

Is the system status normal?

To make sure it works, you can also check the system status of your server, as well as that in cloudflare. Click here to check the status for cloudflare.

Is the port of 443 open?

check the 443 port to make sure it is open, if this port is not open, please open it for service, you can do it by yourself or ask the support team for help.

Restart the server

Restart has a magic power, maybe your server can not handle the traffic in the mean time, the performance will decrease rapidly. As a result of it, network disconnection occurs frequently.

Contact support if you exclude all these reasons

If you have checked carefully and exclude all the mentioned reasons above, you can contact support team, describe the problem you have encountered with detail screenshot of important parameters and evidences, I’m sure your problem will be solved in hours.

Final words

I hope you can really solve your problems after trying all the methods from this article. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it.

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